JCSN Corporation has always been in the business of helping other businesses grow and become competitive in their respective industries. We’ve been able to accomplish this help to companies large and small through accounting and the other outsourced services we offer based on our clients’ unique needs & objectives.

As we continued to spread the value of accounting and other outsourced services as widely as possible through the years, along the way we came to learn and realize the need of nonprofit organizations like churches and ministries for the same service. After all, it’s not only businesses that must go through operational processes. Any organization, whether for-profit or non, must have organized & efficient processes to run and more importantly, survive.

As a God-fearing company, we at JCSN pride ourselves in giving accounting services of the highest integrity. Therefore we found ourselves in the perfect position to help churches & ministries with their accounting needs. We feel it our calling to help churches focus on their mission better by offering to take the tedious & time-consuming task of accounting off their hands.

The greatest role and objective of a church is clearly to spread God’s word. Unfortunately, spreading God’s word is not the only task the church is realistically faced with. It must also deal with accounting and other tasks regularly, and often with a shortage of staff that includes volunteers, since church budgets are typically smaller. The scenario is often one of the need to wear many hats, with no staff focused on or specializing in any one task… which typically leads to inaccurate accounting records, worries about government compliance, and bad financial decisions. All of these can put the organization’s very survival at risk!

Our team at JCSN realizes churches do need accounting help as much as any other business, but that these require accounting that’s different from businesses in a few ways as well. Thus, we outline our specific accounting services tailored to churches and ministries:

 Virtual Bookkeeping:

Includes access from anywhere there is internet connection, monthly bank & credit card reconciliations, monthly financial reports, and annual budget assistance. Zoom meetings will also be held to review the financial statements.

Contribution Tracking:

We will track all designated tithes and offerings and provide an annual contribution statement.

Payroll Service:

We will provide a full-service payroll for all fulltime & parttime employees, a Minister-specific payroll processing, W-2 reporting, and State & Federal tax payments & reporting.

Financial Reporting:

Financial reporting includes the following monthly reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (with budget & actual comparisons), Designated Funds Report, and Bank Reconciliation Reports.

Accounts Payable:

Under your authorization, a JCSN accounting representative will perform the Accounts Payable processing & check printing. The Payable transactions will be recorded in the accounting system and a PDF file of checks will be provided. This way, you can maintain control over the issuance of checks.

Bank Reconciliations:

We will invoice you in the month following the service month after all reports have been prepared.

Our church accounting services will vary depending on the organization’s needs and financial capabilities. But since our aim is to improve church processes by providing financial services and professional advice, we’ve made our services especially affordable for churches & ministries.

If your church is in need of a professional team of accountants to sort out your bookkeeping and improve your accounting processes, we’re the company to call! We’ve made it our mission to be your assistants in fulfilling the church’s mission, and that makes us the right people for your accounting needs!

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JCSN Admin Team

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