How JCSN Corp Can Transform the Accounting Process and Financial Books of Ministries and Churches

It’s not that common for churches to consider getting professional help for their bookkeeping, mainly because churches are often more focused on doing their ministry work rather than handling money matters.

Understandably, heeding the higher calling of ministry is the purpose for building the church in the first place. But whether you pay attention to your books or not, the fact is, your church’s finances are vital to its upkeep and have a significant effect on its survival. At the end of the day, a church is still an organization that needs proper finances to run.

These days, more and more churches are opening up to Outsourced Accounting services for help in keeping their finances in order. More are realizing the cost savings and better quality of operations that outsourced accounting provides, contrary to the initial misconception that getting professional accounting help is reserved for organizations with larger budgets.

Today, outsourced accounting, such as the one we provide at JCSN, is affordable even for small organizations. In fact, one of JCSN’s goals is to provide accounting customized for churches & ministries. We understand that even organizations that do God’s work need a little help with their accounting processes too; especially when tasks are many and manpower & resources are few, which is often the case for churches and ministries.     

If you’re wondering whether you need accounting help in your church, try answering these questions:

  • How much money do you currently have?
  • Are you spending more than expected?
  • Are you capable of paying your bills?
  • What is your plan for your current money?
  • Are you “in the red”?

These questions should give you an idea of how much or how little you know about your church’s financial standing. If your answers to these were vague, then most likely, you already have too much on your plate to have to deal with your church’s finances regularly too. This would also mean that it’s time to get professional help.

Your bottom line is to reach as many people as possible with the Word of God, and the way to do that is of course to grow your church. Thus, your financial health will have to be ensured to reach the end goal of growth. That’s where JCSN comes in.

You’ll breathe much easier with a professional team handling nonprofit tax rules, annual operating budgets, in-kind donations, financial statements and more. Imagine feeling confident that your church is running as it should be because your finances are in order, and you can now keep track of where the money goes! Most importantly, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best: ministering to the people.

Invest in your church’s financial health now, and you’ll be reaching more people each year with the word of God! At JCSN, we want to help you with your higher calling by transforming your accounting process & financial books, so you can keep your church growing and thriving.

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