founder & CEO

Joana Cristina Leal, CMA

“Our mission is to assist our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business issues. To constantly apply our talents and skills to make our clients, our colleagues, our firm and, our communities better when we began.

- CEO & Founder, Joana Leal
The unrelenting feat of JCSN can be attributed to the capabilities of its well-rounded founder, Joana “Jone” Leal. Jone is a Certified Management Accountant with over 21 years of extensive accounting, business management, tax, review, compilation, financial consultancy, planning, and human resource support. Besides that, she is also a Registered Financial Consultant and a Certified Estate Planner.

Jone has proven her organizational alignment competency, resource development, and the execution of goals and strategies over the last 12 years at JCSN Accounting Services.  She has overseen the continuous improvement and optimization of the organization’s business processes, and her strategic plans have defined the positions and service offerings that create the most revenue growth.

Objectivity characterizes Jone’s decision-making, and she communicates her expectations concerning potential results and possible consequences of resolutions with her executive team.  She exhibits trust in her team members and encourages them to carry out decisions with expertise and authority.

Jone leads the U.S. expansion efforts.  Her in-depth experience in the accounting and bookkeeping fields for the past 21 years and has successfully led the Manila operations for the past 11 years.

Throughout her career, she has helped business owners improve their management and financial efficiency by developing strategic plans through studying technological and financial opportunities, presenting assumptions, and recommending solutions.