The 3 T’s in Building a Robust Human Resource

Human resource is the key to any organization. Building a robust human resource is not just about competencies and skills. You have to create a team that will stay with you as you grow your business whether you are in accounting/bookkeeping services, marketing, recruitment, and even across all other industries in the Philippines, California, or anywhere around the globe. We don’t just develop skills; we build one’s character. In developing character, you need the three T’s:

Test: Test develops one’s character. Challenging situations would either advance the employee’s integrity or lose it. Without testing, there is no progress. Those employees who pass the test are more likely to remain.

Time: Our life is pre-numbered by time. We can never return the time we spent. The same goes for an organization. Are your employees spending time with the things that are valuable to your organization? Aside from the time spent, which I think is essential, are your employees able to surpass the test of time? Only time can reveal a person’s loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Trust: Trust is vital for both employees and management. Do they believe in your vision and mission? On the other hand, can you trust your employees to accomplish the role and responsibilities given to them? Are you confident they can do assignments even if you are not around?

In any organization, people come and go. Nobody is perfect; we have our own differences and weaknesses. The most important is to build people who will pass the 3 T’s in your Company. You may always create your standard as long as you make people who will stand with you until you reach your goal. We often call them our “Dream Team.” Building a dream team is a challenging but worthwhile undertaking.