Team Building 2019

Here at JCSN, we make sure to value not only our technical excellence as an accounting and bookkeeping service provider but also our relationship with each other within the company. We recognize the importance of effectively working together in achieving our mission to provide the highest quality of professional services to our clients.  This is why we conducted our first-ever team-building event on May 18, 2019, at Don’s Vacation House and Farm and Event Place in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines.

The whole day was filled with fun challenges and learnings. Two teams, Yellow (Kennie’s Team) and Purple (Shane’s Team), competed against each other. The teams went through a series of activities that tests intelligence, strategy, and most importantly, teamwork. This includes obstacle courses, mind-boggling puzzle-solving, pass the message, jingle singing and dancing, and other exciting and challenging tasks. 

The theme of the event was “Beyond Limits”, which is about how teamwork enables us to achieve things beyond our individual capacities or limitations. Everyone’s role within the company is valuable. One’s weakness is someone else’s strength and together, we can do greater things. 

After all the activities, the team gathered to discuss what they have learned and how these things can be applied to everything they do at work. Everyone’s unity, trust in each other, and effective communication were considered a vital aspect of teamwork. It was also recognized how equipping one’s self through training and engaging with others through activities like this can eventually lead to excellence in the work field. Joana Lagrosa, the Founder and CEO of JCSN, appreciated the values displayed by everyone. She admired how even though the activities were a competition, the teams did not fail to offer help had anyone needed it. 

The event, which was an utter success, closed by awarding the winners and bonding together. 

Now that JCSN has our branch in California, United States, we are looking forward to doing the next teambuilding with the Philippines and California teams together.