How Project Management Software Can Boost your Business Productivity (For free!)

Project management software saw an especially rapid rise in usage during the Covid19 pandemic, when companies scrambled to build remote work setups and find ways to communicate with staff and team members non-physically. It was during this time that businesses also realized a significant boost in their productivity using the free online tool.

Today, there are many choices of project management software to choose from, because of their effectiveness in organizing company processes and projects. In this article, we’ll name a few of our choice picks based on their studied performance levels and features.

But first, let’s tackle why your business needs this software, especially when you’re outsourcing one or some of your business processes.

Here are the reasons to use project management software:

Easy & Real Time Collaboration:

This type of software simplifies team collaboration when managing a project. While each member is typically assigned an individual task for a project, the software makes the project clear & visible to all to make sure everyone is on the same page. Sample features include:

  • Quick file sharing
  • Team communication (ie., built-in messenger app)
  • Customer data sharing
  • Team dashboard (provides overview of team’s activities & progress)

Organized Scheduling and Planning:    

With an organized system in place, the software allows team members to clearly see set guidelines for their tasks and to stay within schedule, boosting overall team efficiency and timeliness in project completion.

Budget Management:

The goal of a project manager is to keep costs as low as possible and maximize the profit earned by the company from the project. Sample features to achieve this are:

  • Time tracking – documentation of time spent on tasks
  • Budget report – weekly & monthly reports on expenses so you can track your budget performance
  • Automated invoicing – a feature that sets up email reminders for invoices that are due.

Accurate Documentation:

Many businesses use spreadsheets. But these are highly prone to errors (up to 88% of spreadsheet data contains errors). Project management software guarantees accuracy because of such features as:

  • Central data storage
  • Quick access – no need to switch between multiple spreadsheets. Plus, it’s shareable among the team with just a few clicks.
  • Reporting – monitors the project’s progress and identifies any problems that need immediate solutions.

Bottomline, every business needs and benefits from Project Management Software through ease of software use & team collaboration, better organization, increased efficiency & data accuracy, and greater cost effectiveness. The best part is this software is available for FREE!

Below are some of the most recommended free program management software being used by companies this 2022:

  1. com
  2. Basecamp
  3. Trello
  4. Asana
  5. ClickUp
  6. ActiveCollab
  7. Wrike
  8. GoodDay
  9. Jira

The only investment you’ll really need to do with this free software is to take a little time to research and learn how to use your chosen software. In terms of money investments, it really doesn’t get any better than FREE! So, we suggest you start integrating this within your organization as early as possible if you want to get a head start in where the future of business processes is headed.

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